So let’s rededicate ourselves to a new kind of politics – a politics of conscience. I will cut taxes – cut taxes – for 95% of all working families. More recently, tension has been fed by colonialism that denied rights and opportunities to many Muslims, and a Cold War in which Muslim-majority countries were too often treated as proxies without regard to their own aspirations. Some are eager to stoke the flames of division, and to stand in the way of progress.

Back home, my grandmother raised their baby and went to work on a bomber assembly line. This time we want to reject the cynicism that tells us that these kids can’t learn; that those kids who don’t look like us are somebody else’s problem. And today, whenever I find myself feeling doubtful or cynical about this possibility, what gives me the most hope is the next generation – the young people whose attitudes and beliefs and openness to change have already made history in this election. Perhaps somebody told her along the way that the source of her mother’s problems were blacks who were on welfare and too lazy to work, or Hispanics who were coming into the country illegally. No single nation should pick and choose which nations hold nuclear weapons.

John Kerry believes in an America where hard work is rewarded; so instead of offering tax breaks to companies shipping jobs overseas, he offers them to companies creating jobs here at home. This country is more decent than one where a woman in Ohio, on the brink of retirement, finds herself one illness away from disaster after a lifetime of hard work. I have come here to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world; one based upon mutual interest and mutual respect; and one based upon the truth that America and Islam are not exclusive, and need not be in competition.

They cheered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial when Dr. At various stages in the campaign, some commentators have deemed me either “too black” or “not black enough.” We saw racial tensions bubble to the surface during the week before the South Carolina primary. As a student of history, I also know civilization’s debt to Islam. government has gone to court to protect the right of women and girls to wear the hijab, and to punish those who would deny it. That is why we plan to invest $1.5 billion each year over the next five years to partner with Pakistanis to build schools and hospitals, roads and businesses, and hundreds of millions to help those who have been displaced.

Anyway, Ashley finishes her story and then goes around the room and asks everyone else why they’re supporting the campaign. Progress in the daily lives of the Palestinian people must be part of a road to peace, and Israel must take concrete steps to enable such progress.

Thank you, God Bless you, and God Bless the United States of America.



Bahaya penyalahgunaan narkoba masih menjadi ancaman serius terutama untuk anak-anak muda Indonesia. Jika hal ini dibiarkan, dapat mengancam kestabilan Negara karena Indonesia sedang menyambut bonus Demografi tahun 2030 nanti.
Selain upaya penanggulangan, perlu juga digiatkan upaya pencegahan penyalahgunaan narkoba. Untuk mengetahui bagaimana cara yang dapat diambil sebagai upaya pencegahan penyalahgunaan narkoba, perlu dipelajari terlebih dahulu apa saja penyebab seseorang menjadi lebih mudah terkena pengaruh narkoba.
Ada beberapa faktor yang dapat menyebabkan seseorang menjadi penyalah guna Narkoba, yaitu:

1. Faktorkepribadian
Kurangnya Kepercayaan Diri
Orang yang coba-coba menyalahgunakan narkoba biasanya
memiliki rasa percaya diri yang kurang, sehingga dengan
menggunakan narkoba dia merasa mendapat bantuan untuk lebih
percaya diri.

Kurangnya kemampuan mengendalikan diri / emosi
Seseorang yang sejak kecilnya tidak dibiasakan untuk mengatasi
konflik cenderung akan lebih menghadapi frustasi dan menggunakan
narkoba dapat memberikan efek bahagia sesaat tanpa
menyelesaikan masalah sebenarnya, sehingga menjadikan sebuah

2. FaktorKeluarga
Kurangnya komunikasi didalam keluarga
Jika pola komunikasi didalam keluarga cenderung satu arah dan tidak
hangat akan membuat seserang cenderung menjadi seseorang yang
kurang percaya diri, dan mencari perhatian dari luar dengan
berbagai cara.
Kurangnya penerapan disiplin dan tanggung jawab
Anak yang pola asuh di keluarganya terlalu dimanja akan cenderung
mempunyai karakter yang tidak mau susah, sehingga akan mencari
jalan pintas untuk seolah-olah lari dari masalah.

3. FaktorLingkungan
Pengaruh pergaulan
Seseorang yang merasa kurang perhatian dan diterima di pergaulan
pengguna narkoba akan lebih mudah menjadi seorang pengguna
Kurangnya pengetahuan
Kurangnya pengetahuan mengenai bahaya narkoba akan membuat
seseorang lebih mudah terjerat menjadi seorang pengguna.
Jika dilihat dari ketiga faktor utama tersebut, maka pola asuh keluarga
menjadi salah satu penentu perkembangan kepribadian seseorang. Oleh
karena itu bimbingan pola asuh menjadi salah satu faktor penting agar
anak-anak dapat bertumbuh kembang dengan baik sehingga kesempatan
untuk menjadi seorang pecandu narkoba menjadi lebih minim. Selain itu
banyak pecandu narkoba yang telah melewati proses rehabilitasi kembali
menjadi pemakai disebabkan perasaan tidak diterima didalam keluarga.
Untuk masa kini dimana era keterbukaan informasi semakin luas, peranan
keluarga menjadi semakin penting. Karena keluarga lah yang menjadi
benteng pertama dalam pencegahan penyalahgunaan narkoba.
Berdasarkan data per bulan maret 2018, KPAI menyatakan 15,69 persen kasus anak pengguna
Narkoba dimana 8,1 persennya merupakan anak sebagai pengedar narkoba. Dari data tersebut
menunjukan bahwa pembinaan pola asuh keluarga yang lebih relevan dengan zaman sekarang
menjadi sangat penting dimulai sejak dini.

Sekarang mulai banyak komunitas-komunitas yang bergerak didalam bidang pola asuh keluarga.
Mungkin sudah saatnya semua institusi mengadakan workshop pola asuh keluarga, bekerja sama
dengan komunitas-komunitas sebagai salah satu cara mengubah pola pikir pengasuhan masa lalu
menjadi relevan dengan masa kini.
Pola asuh yang relevan dengan masa kini adalah pola asuh yang mengajarkan pola berkomunikasi
yang hangat dan efektif antar sesama anggota keluarga sehingga tidak membuat blocking
komunikasi. Dan juga memberitahu mengenai tahapan perkembangan anak sesuai umurnya, sehingga
orang tua dapat memahami masa-masa dimana anak seharusnya mendapat bimbingan mengenai
refleksi diri, mengingkatkan kepercayaan diri, dan juga yang pasti kemampuan mengatasi

Jika disetiap sekolah, kantor, dan kegiatan di lingkungan masyarakat dapat mengadakan edukasi
mengenai pola asuh yang relevan dengan masa kini dan dilakukan secara massif, diharapkan
dapat menekan angka penyalahgunaan narkoba.

IG :


But what we know – what we have seen – is that America can change. You have shown what history teaches us – that at defining moments like this one, the change we need doesn’t come from Washington. The relationship between Islam and the West includes centuries of co-existence and cooperation, but also conflict and religious wars.

He’s still speaking to our Catholic friends – who are holding up a consistent ethic of life that goes beyond abortion – one that includes a respect for life and dignity whether it’s in Iraq, in poor neighborhoods, in African villages or even on death row. For over a thousand years, Al-Azhar has stood as a beacon of Islamic learning, and for over a century, Cairo University has been a source of Egypt’s advancement.

He is a man who served his country as a U.S. Marine; who has studied and lectured at some of the finest universities and seminaries in the country, and who for over thirty years led a church that serves the community by doing God’s work here on Earth – by housing the homeless, ministering to the needy, providing day care services and scholarships and prison ministries, and reaching out to those suffering from HIV/AIDS. I can assure you it is not. It requires all Americans to realize that your dreams do not have to come at the expense of my dreams; that investing in the health, welfare, and education of black and brown and white children will ultimately help all of America prosper. Much has been made of the fact that an African-American with the name Barack Hussein Obama could be elected President. We seek no military bases there. People in every country should be free to choose and live their faith based upon the persuasion of the mind, heart, and soul.

But they sense, deep in their bones, that with just a slight change in priorities, we can make sure that every child in America has a decent shot at life, and that the doors of opportunity remain open to all. It is costly and politically difficult to continue this conflict. Threatening Israel with destruction – or repeating vile stereotypes about Jews – is deeply wrong, and only serves to evoke in the minds of Israelis this most painful of memories while preventing the peace that the people of this region deserve. Progress in the daily lives of the Palestinian people must be part of a road to peace, and Israel must take concrete steps to enable such progress. That is why we welcome efforts like Saudi Arabian King Abdullah’s Interfaith dialogue and Turkey’s leadership in the Alliance of Civilizations. Americans are ready to join with citizens and governments; community organizations, religious leaders, and businesses in Muslim communities around the world to help our people pursue a better life.

The UCC is still listening. Much has been made of the fact that an African-American with the name Barack Hussein Obama could be elected President. That is why there is a mosque in every state of our union, and over 1,200 mosques within our borders.

Thank you. And may God’s peace be upon you.


I was too young to be involved in that movement, but I felt I could play a small part in the continuing battle for justice by helping rebuild some of Chicago’s poorest neighborhoods. They cheered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial when Dr. We can affirm our faith without endangering the separation of church and state, as long as we understand that when we’re in the public square, we have to speak in universal terms that everyone can understand. But what my former pastor too often failed to understand is that embarking on a program of self-help also requires a belief that society can change. Many more are simply skeptical that real change can occur.

I thought of the families I’ve met who were struggling to get by without a loved one’s full income, or whose loved ones had returned with a limb missing or nerves shattered, but who still lacked long-term health benefits because they were Reservists. We cannot ignore that we have a right and a duty to protect our borders. And I’ve seen it in this campaign. Resistance through violence and killing is wrong and does not succeed. No single nation should pick and choose which nations hold nuclear weapons.

I didn’t fall out in church, as folks sometimes do. Religious leaders like my friends Rev. Jim Wallis and Rabbi David Saperstein and Nathan Diament are working for justice and fighting for change. Not just with words, but with deeds – by investing in our schools and our communities; by enforcing our civil rights laws and ensuring fairness in our criminal justice system; by providing this generation with ladders of opportunity that were unavailable for previous generations. That does not mean we should ignore sources of tension.

Our Party has chosen a man to lead us who embodies the best this country has to offer. Now let me be clear. And all across the country, communities of faith are sponsoring day care programs, building senior centers, and in so many other ways, taking part in the project of American renewal. From Willow Creek to the ’emerging church,’ from the Southern Baptist Convention to the National Association of Evangelicals, folks are realizing that the four walls of the church are too small for a big God.God is still speaking. Change means a tax code that doesn’t reward the lobbyists who wrote it, but the American workers and small businesses who deserve it. Denying that fact is baseless, ignorant, and hateful.

Do we participate in a politics of cynicism or do we participate in a politics of hope? The President vetoed a similar plan, but he doesn’t have the last word, and we’re going to keep at it, until we bring this war to an end. God is still speaking. But it also comes from my own American story. On education, we will expand exchange programs, and increase scholarships, like the one that brought my father to America, while encouraging more Americans to study in Muslim communities.

Economic Issues




Oleh: Ali Abel S.IP

Tenaga Ahli Komunikasi KPPIP

(Kementerian Koordinator Bidang Perekonomian)


Mudik lebaran pada tahun 2018 ini terasa berbeda dengan mudik-mudik tahun sebelumnya. Pasalnya, beberapa infrastruktur yang masuk kategori Proyek Strategis Nasional (PSN) sudah bisa digunakan masyarakat. Infrastruktur terkait transportasi seperti jalan tol, pelabuhan dan bandara sudah beroperasi. Tingkat kepuasan masyarakat yang memanfaatkan infrastruktur tersebut saat perjalanan mudik menjadi penting karena menjadi bukti nyata manfaat infrastruktur yang sedang digalakkan pemerintah.


Mudik lebaran tahun 2018 ini jelas menjadi momentum penting bagi kebijakan pemerintah dalam percepatan penyediaan infrastruktur. Dalam ritual tahunan masyarakat Indonesia ini, masyarakat menempuh perjalanan ke kampung halaman dengan berbagai moda transportasi. Bagi pengguna kendaraan pribadi dan bus, mereka dapat merasakan infrastruktur jalan tol yang telah beroperasi. Bagi pengguna kapal laut, maka infrastruktur pelabuhan yang diperhatikan. Begitu pula bagi pemudik yang menggunakan pesawat terbang, dapat merasakan infrastruktur bandara baru yang telah beroperasi.

Sejak awal pemerintahan Jokowi-JK sudah mencanangkan percepatan penyediaan infrastruktur. Dalam Rencana Pemerintah Jangka Menengah Nasional (RPJMN) 2015 – 2019 pemerintah menargetkan beberapa capaian penyediaan infrastruktur diantaranya membangun 1.000 km jalan tol baru, 2.650 km jalan baru, 2.159 km kereta api perkotaan, 1.099 km kereta api antar kota, 15 bandara baru, 24 pelabuhan baru, 33 bendungan baru dan 30 PLTA, serta kilang minyak baru dengan kapasitas 2×300.000 barel.

Berdasarkan laman diperoleh data bahwa proyek infrastruktur Jokowi membentang dari Sabang sampai Merauke. Percepatan infrastruktur ini disesuaikan dengan program Nawacita yaitu membangun dari pinggiran. Mimpi besarnya adalah menyediakan jaringan konektivitas di semua wilayah dan memupus kesenjangan ekonomi di sekujur negeri. Seluruh proyek tersebut dikategorikan dalam Proyek Strategis Nasional (PSN) dan Proyek Prioritas.

Hasil evaluasi PSN yang dilakukan Komite Percepatan Penyediaan Infrastruktur Prioritas (KPPIP) awal 2018 memperlihatkan bahwa selama 3 tahun kepemimpinan Jokowi, ada 30 proyek yang sudah selesai dan ditargetkan hingga akhir 2018 ada 13 proyek lagi yang akan selesai. Proyek-proyek yang telah selesai meliputi jalan tol, bandara, bendungan, dan Pos Lintas Batas Negara (PLBN).

Meski banyak infrastruktur telah selesai, namun nampaknya masyarakat dianggap masih belum merasakan dampak dan manfaat dari infrastruktur tersebut. Dalam berbagai kesempatan, Presiden Jokowi selalu menekankan bahwa infrastruktur yang dibuat ditujukan untuk kesejahteraan rakyat. Namun gaung manfaat infrastruktur itu belum menguat. Malah, berbagai komentar negatif yang muncul, mengatakan bahwa infrastruktur yang ada tidak memberikan manfaat bagi rakyat, hanya membenani keuangan negara, dan lain sebagainya.

Tidak heran jika pemerintah berupaya keras untuk menyelesaikan beberapa infrastruktur agar dapat digunakan saat mudik. Hampir seluruh ruas tol, terutama tol lintas pulau Jawa dan tol lintas Sumatera, diupayakan untuk dapat beroperasi baik secara penuh maupun fungsional. Tol lintas pulau Jawa dari Jakarta ke Surabaya yang memiliki panjang 759 km, sudah bisa digunakan secara operasional sepanjang 524 km dan secara fungsional sepanjang 235 km. Beberapa ruas tol fungsional berada di jalur Pemalang sampai Semarang sepanjang 113 km, Semarang sampai Solo sepanjang 32 km, Sragen ke Ngawi sepanjang 55 km, dan Wilangan ke Kertosono sepanjang 37 km. Sementara ruas tol lintas Sumatera dari Bakauheni ke Tanjung Morawa Sumatera Utara yang memiliki panjang 244 km, telah beroperasi secara penuh sepanjang 119 km.

Perhatian pemerintah yang besar terhadap infrastruktur jalan tol di Jawa dan Sumatera dalam moment mudik ini tidak lepas dari banyaknya pemudik yang menggunakan mobil pribadi dan angkutan umum yang mencapai 8,09 juta orang. Berdasarkan data pada tahun sebelumnya, pemudik terbesar berasal dari wilayah Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang dan Bekasi menuju Jawa Tengah, Jawa Timur dan Sumatera.

Dan hasilnya sungguh positif. Kemacetan berjam-jam bahkan berhari-hari yang terjadi pada mudik tahun-tahun sebelumnya, tidak terjadi lagi. Di banyak pemberitaan media massa, muncul kesaksian masyarakat akan lancarnya mudik kali ini. Keberadaan infrastruktur jalan tol mampu meningkatkan efisiensi tidak hanya dalam hal waktu, biaya tetapi juga tenaga. Pengamat transportasi pun mengapresiasi keberhasilan pemerintah dalam pelayanan mudik tahun 2018 ini.

Keberhasilan pemerintah dalam pelayanan mudik tahun ini, membuktikan bahwa kebijakan percepatan penyediaan infrastruktur memiliki manfaat yang positif bagi masyarakat. Dalam jangka pendek, keberadaan infrastruktur mampu meningkatkan efisiensi ekonomi. Sedangkan dalam jangka panjang, infrastruktur dapat meningkatkan pertumbuhan dan pemerataan pembangunan sehingga mampu meningkatkan kesejahteraan masyarakat.

Justice Reforms

More to do for the young woman in East St. And I’m glad to see that. He was nominally a Muslim since there were a number of Muslims in the village where he was born. It’s not consistent with our traditions of justice and fairness. It’s a promise I make to my daughters when I tuck them in at night, and a promise that you make to yours – a promise that has led immigrants to cross oceans and pioneers to travel west; a promise that led workers to picket lines, and women to reach for the ballot. Let me also address the issue of Iraq.

But it also comes from my own American story. More of you have lost your homes and even more are watching your home values plummet. We are the party of Roosevelt. They could’ve been told to succumb to the fear and frustration of so many dreams deferred. But I do have an unyielding belief that all people yearn for certain things: the ability to speak your mind and have a say in how you are governed; confidence in the rule of law and the equal administration of justice; government that is transparent and doesn’t steal from the people; the freedom to live as you choose. On science and technology, we will launch a new fund to support technological development in Muslim-majority countries, and to help transfer ideas to the marketplace so they can create jobs.

Go into any inner city neighborhood, and folks will tell you that government alone can’t teach our kids to learn – they know that parents have to teach, that children can’t achieve unless we raise their expectations and turn off the television sets and eradicate the slander that says a black youth with a book is acting white. And we cannot ignore the very real concerns of Americans who are not worried about illegal immigration because they are racist or xenophobic, but because they fear it will result in lower wages when they’re already struggling to raise their families. I know there are differences on same-sex marriage, but surely we can agree that our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters deserve to visit the person they love in the hospital and to live lives free of discrimination. America respects the right of all peaceful and law-abiding voices to be heard around the world, even if we disagree with them.

They cheered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial when Dr. But we also know that government initiatives are not enough. But it does find voice in the barbershop or around the kitchen table. He simply says to everyone in the room, “I am here because of Ashley.” That’s why I stand here tonight. Because next week, in Minnesota, the same party that brought you two terms of George Bush and Dick Cheney will ask this country for a third.

This is a problem that’s brought together churches and synagogues and mosques and people of all faiths as part of a grassroots movement. These needs will be met only if we act boldly in the years ahead; and if we understand that the challenges we face are shared, and our failure to meet them will hurt us all.

Thank you.